• Budget/Finance Subcommittee:

    Purpose of Subcommittee:

    This subcommittee meets to assist in the development of the annual budget, including the development of the BOF budget presentations and the budget presentations for the Public Hearing/Town Meeting.   This subcommittee will meet once a month during budget development or on an “as needed” basis. The Board Treasurer will be a member of this subcommittee. The Business Manager and Superintendent shall be ex-officio members of this subcommittee. 

    Charge of Subcommittee:

    • To develop and present BOF budget presentations as well as the budget presentations for the Public Hearing/Town Meeting.
    • In accordance with policy #3326, will review multi-year service provider contracts (i.e., Transportation, Food Services and HVAC) and monitor the district administration’s implementation of those contracts.