• Salem's School Transportation Council            
    The Salem School Transportation Council functions to provide for safe and efficient transportation of all students to and from school and to and from all school-sponsored events. The Council also assists the Superintendent and the Board of Education in their efforts to implement and monitor the overall transportation program in keeping with Board policies and Connecticut state laws. The Council meets 4-6 times per year in the Salem School Conference Room

    Council Members

    Membership on the Council is representative of the various stakeholder groups per the following:

    Regular Members

    ·     School Superintendent (Facilitator)
    ·     Representative from the Bus Company
            ·     Director of Student Services

    ·     School Principal

    ·     Salem School District Staff (Business Manager/Executive Assistant/School Secretary)

    ·      Parent Representatives 


    Ex Officio Members (Attend selected meetings per invitation.)

    ·     Regional Manager for School Transportation Service  Provider

    Council's Scope of Responsibility and Level of Authority

    The responsibilities of the Salem School Transportation Council shall include the following:
    • To recommend to the Board a system for safe, prompt, and efficient transportation of students to and from school and school-related activities;
    • To establish, implement, and review policies and procedures for transportation to and from all school-related activities and co-curricular and support groups activities and to coordinate the use of the buses; 
    • To assure the implementation of the transportation policies and procedures and to approve and make necessary changes;
    • To be responsible for establishing and monitoring policies and procedures to insure safe transportation of all students;
    • To provide feedback to the transportation services provider regarding safety standards, job training, supervision, and performance evaluation of bus drivers;
    • To review the regular schedule of maintenance of the school bus fleet; 
    • To review, establish, and recommend to the Board of Education an annual plan for providing transportation services for Salem students, including recommendations for expansion / reduction of the school bus fleet; 
    • To maintain accurate and appropriate records for all data collection activities relating to school transportation services;
    • To facilitate the implementation of the transportation database and routing program in both the school district office and the school transportation services office to assure comprehensive and accurate data sharing in a predictable and reliable manner.






Last Modified on November 25, 2014