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     Enjoy the Great Outdoors!

    Take your Family for a Hike!

    You can borrow a

    Family Hiking Backpack

    at the Salem School Media Center
     Take your family hiking!  The Salem School Library has two family hiking backpacks for loan.  They include a compass, binoculars, numerous field guides, a book on walks in Connecticut, as well as suggestions on how to avoid poison ivy and tics! 


    There is even enough room left for a healthy lunch!


    Backpacks Include


    Handheld GPS Unit (Global Positioning Unit)



    Magnifying Glass



    • Using GPS: GPS Simplified for Outdoor Adventures
    • Short Nature Walks in Connecticut
    • Is it Poison Ivy?
    • Woods Walk
    • An Instant Guide to Birds, Trees, Wildflowers

    Pamphlets:  Camper’s/Hiker’s Checklist; Lyme Disease

    First Aid Bag: Band-Aids and Rubber Gloves


    The backpack loan period is two weeks.  Replacement value is $125.00 and children are required to have a permission slip signed prior to their first loan.