Earn a $5 certificate for the Scholastic Book Fair by keeping track of what you read this summer!  Lists are due at the start of school in September.  
    PTO Sponsored Scholastic Book FairsBookFair
     May 2018
    Open during school hours and the evening 
    Hope to see you then!
    Thank you for supporting PTO sponsored book fairs! Because of your generous support, donations were made to the school library, classroom teachers and the public library.
    Reading Matters!
    The PTO sponsors the annual Reading Hall of Fame and other programs meant to promote reading skills.  In addition, free books are provided to both students and the school library alike from the proceeds of the Scholastic Book Fairs run in the Fall and Spring each year.
    The PTO and the school strongly promote reading and literacy as a primary focus of the education at the school.  The recognition of students and their dedication to the reading programs is one of the cornerstone efforts of the PTO.
Last Modified on December 13, 2017