• Long-Range Educational Planning Subcommittee:


    Purpose of Subcommittee:

    This subcommittee shall have as its purpose the development and monitoring of the implementation of effective long-range planning for the school district's instructional programs, facilities, technology services, and educational support functions. It shall be an advocate for and play a leadership role in long-range planning initiatives and shall promote a long-term commitment to keeping all school district stakeholders involved and informed about the Board’s vision for the Salem School District.

    Charge of Subcommittee:

    • To evaluate economic and demographic projections that reasonably represent the anticipated enrollment capacity needed over the five, ten and twenty year planning horizons to properly serve the school community;
    • To present annual enrollment projections to the Board to assist them with the school budget planning;
    • To recommend to the Board, in cooperation with administrators and staff, instructional program development needs, including recommendations for staffing;
    • To facilitate updates on the implementation of new programs as well as updates on existing programs when needed;
    • To evaluate the current physical condition and technological value of all school district properties, as well as the certified and non-certified staffing profiles, to assess the effectiveness of current instructional and viability of future instructional programs;
    • To develop, plan and budget for short- and long-term maintenance projects; and
    • To monitor progress and report regularly to the Board regarding building and maintenance projects.