Budget Development


    How are budget priorities set?

    The District Plan establishes a long-term vision and yearly goals for the district.  The Board budgets in accordance with the priorities established in the plan.  In addition, all curricula is reviewed and revised on a 5 year cycle so that the costs of textbooks and materials are distributed over time.


    How is the budget developed?

    The Superintendent proposes a budget, which the BOE reviews and revises.  It is composed of:

    ü  Fixed Costs: Salaries, Insurance, Tuition Costs

    ü  Support Programs: Supplies, Textbooks, etc.

    ü  New Programs: New staff/programs

    ü  Capital Plan and Maintenance: Building/grounds improvements, large equipment expenditures.


    What is the role of the Board of Education? 

    The BOE and Administration work to develop an educationally sound, fiscally responsible budget.  The BOE considers the needs of the students, goals of the district and the impact on the mil rate.


    How is the public involved? 

    Anyone with an interest in the budget should attend meetings.  Copies of updated budget drafts are available upon request at the Superintendent's Office.