Budget Approval


    How is the Budget approved? The people of Salem must approve the Town’s budget at referendum.  Normally, Salem budget referenda are held the second week of May.


    Who can vote in a budget referendum?  All registered Salem voters and all U.S. citizens (18 or over) who own property assessed at $1,000 dollars or more in the town of Salem.


    What is the role of the Town Meeting?  The Town Meeting is a meeting open to all those eligible to vote in the budget referendum.  The bottom line ($) of the budget may be cut by majority vote at the Town meeting.  Only the Board of Education has the authority to make line item changes.  A majority vote at the Town Meeting is required to send a budget to referendum (usually held the following week).


    What happens if the budget does not pass referendum?  The Board of Finance reviews the budget and the process begins again.


    Can public funds be used to advocate for the budget?

    In Connecticut, Boards of Education are prohibited by statute from using public funds to advocate for the education budget.