• Math Tips for Parents
    In helping children learn, one goal is to assist them in beoming critical and independent thinkers. Good questions, and good listening, will help your child make sense of mathematics, build self-confidence, and encourage mathematical thinking and communication. A good question opens up a problem and supports different ways of thinking about it.
    Guiding questions to ask your child:
    Getting started
    • What do you need to find out?
    • What do you know now?
    • How can you get the information?
    • Where can you begin?
    • What terms/vocabulary do you understand/not understand?
    • What similar problems have you solved that would help?

    While Working

    • How can you organize the information?
    • Can you make a drawing (model) to explain your thinking?
    • What are other possibilities?
    • What if . . . ?
    • Can you describe a strategy that you can use to solve this?
    • What do you need to do next?
    • Do you see any patterns or relationships that will help you solve this?
    • How can this relate to . . . ?
    • Can you make a prediction?
    • Why did you?
    • What assumptions are you making?

    Reflecting About the Solution

    • How do you know your solution (conclusion) is reasonable?
    • How did you arrive at your answer?
    • How can you convince me your answer makes sense?
    • What did you try that did not work?
    • Has the question been answered?
    • Can the explanation be made clearer?
    Responding-helps clarify and extend thinking
    • Tell me more
    • Can you explain it in a different way?
    • Is there another possibility or strategy that would work?
    • Is there a more efficient strategy?
    • Help me understand this part . . .
Last Modified on November 15, 2012