• Salem School District is pleased to announce that we will continue to use the AmFax Parent Reach emergency broadcast messaging system again this school year.  This system enables us to contact parents/guardians home and cell phones simultaneously in the event of an emergency closing, early dismissal or other important information. 

    What you need to know about receiving calls sent through the

    Salem School District Emergency Broadcast System

    • Phone Messages:
    • Caller ID will display 860-859-0267 when the announcement is delivered.
    • The technology must hear a voice to deliver the message.  Be sure to say “Hello” when you answer the phone.
    • The system will leave a message on any answering machine or voicemail.
    • The system will not allow calls to go through if you have Privacy Manager.  If you have this feature, you will need to deactivate it to receive calls through this system.
    • Text Messages: Caller ID will display 309-39.  The text message will come through from the school regarding closings/delays/dismissals.


    Delays and Early Dismissal Schedules are as follows:

    Salem School, Grades PK-8
    Opening is 10:40 a.m.



    Salem School, Grades PK-8

    Early Dismissal is 1:20 p.m. (PK dismisses at 12:00 p.m.)