• What to do if you have a concern (Public Complaints)

    A chain of command exists and should be followed when voicing a concern/complaint about the school.   Always start with the person closest to the problem to try and resolve the issue.  An excerpt from Board policy #1312 - Public Complaints is listed below and explains the chain of command process.  The full policy is available for viewing in the link provided on this page.  Thank you.

    Excerpt from Policy #1312 -
    Concerns expressed by individuals may be entertained by the Board only after it has been determined that all means for addressing concerns at lower levels of responsibility have been exhausted.  In addition, the Board may review such concerns only if another specific Board policy expressly provides for such review by the Board.


    1. The immediate responsibility concerning an individual student regarding educational matters is with the classroom teacher or subject teacher.  Until such time a problem has been resolved, individuals should proceed through the next levels of responsibility until an understanding is reached. In most instances levels for responsibility proceed starting with the teacher to the school Principal, and then to the Superintendent.


    1. The immediate level for responsibilities regarding administrative matters is generally with the School Principal.


    1. The immediate level for responsibility regarding the implementation of Board policies and District administrative matters is with the Superintendent.


    1. The immediate level for responsibility regarding the formulation of Board polices and the establishment of rules and regulations as required by state law is with the Board of Education.


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