• Special Message to Salem School Parents/Guardians


    The Salem School District is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable riding experience for its school bus riders. Please review the information listed in the left hand column of this screen.  

    The Salem School District, in conjunction with the district's service provider M&J Bus, Inc., is responsible for providing safe and efficient transportation of all eligible students to and from schools and school activities each day. To accomplish this task on a daily basis, a team of dedicated routing, safety, and administrative staff, combined with a host of drivers and support staff, work together to maintain quality services for all students, our transportation customers.

    Bus routes will be updated periodically on an as needed basis.  Please continue to check our website for these updates.

    All questions or concerns regarding school bus transportation should be directed to the office of M&J Bus, Inc.  Please call Greg Cordova at 860-537-2622.  If you need further assistance after speaking to Mr. Cordova, you can contact the Salem Superintendent's Office at 860-892-1223 x 3201.  Thank you.